WARNING! I'm an atheist, and some of what I write here might, well most likely will, offend a religious person, a person of faith, if you will. It's not done with intent, that's just the way it is.

For some reason, religion is generally treated in a special way. Yes, for some reason, folks think that no one should make fun of religion or say anything negative about religion. I see no logic to this. We can say what we want about your favorite football team, the person who you voted for, and so on, but we're supposed to hold our tongue about your faith. Folks, that just doesn't make any sense. Anyway, I felt I would at least warn you. If you are a religious person I would encourage you to read my posts; with an open mind, please. If I say things that aren't true about your religion, please let me know. Leave a comment or send me an email. Would most likely be willing to discuss it with you. Hey, I'm up for learning something new.

Also, keep in mind, that if you are a Christian, my understanding is that you're saying that your god is the only god. Now, if that's true, which I understand it to be, then that of course is a direct insult to every other religion out there. You've said their god isn't the real deal; I'd call that an insult...

Friday, December 30, 2011

My Cell Phone is Only Ten Bucks a Year...

Yes, $10 a year. Today I went to T-Mobile (Military Highway across from Janaf, for you local folks) and had a pleasant visit with my phone lady. Yep, we sort of got caught up with what's been going on with us over the past year...and she got my phone set up for another year.
OK. My phone is what I call my emergency phone. I leave it in my car in case I ever need road service or what-have-you. The only cell phones I've ever bought are the ones that I think are referred to as throw away phones. You know, the ones that you buy time for.
Anyway, I always start out with good intentions but normally forget to go back until I run over a year and have to start over. I think I paid $100 the first time, which included a phone and 1,000 minutes. As I best understand it, as long as I go back within a year, and spend as little as ten bucks...hey, my phone will go on forever (whatever forever means in the phone business).
Anyway, this year, I made it in time. I think the ten bucks bought me another 100 minutes and I think I had almost a thousand. In fact, my phone lady said I only used six minutes over the last year.
Anyway folks, unshackle yourselves from your no telling how much a month cell phones. Do you really need to go around with a phone jammed to your ear for most of the day? Are you really so important that you have to be available 24 hours a day? Do you know what you look like when you're pounding out those text things?
As an aside, bet you folks don't even know what a party line is (or was). In the fifties, in fact, it may have been my family's first phone, yes, we had a party line. Several families had the same phone line. Yes, each family had a different ring. For instance, if there was two long rings it would be for my family. Two short rings, another family. And, yes, we could all listen to each others' conversations. And, you guys have to have a cell phone at the ready 24/7?
Yes, I like and use a lot of the modern-day technology, and wow, truly like the advances in medicine, but there's something to be said for the good old days.

Folks, yes, cut the tether, disconnect yourself from the cell-phone umbilical cord, free yourself. Rush into T-Mobile, and yell that you want to be free. Tell them you want George's Ten Dollar A Year Phone!

Kevin Trudeau Lost His Bid to Throw Out a $37.6 Million Fine...

(Reuters) - Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau lost his bid to throw out a $37.6 million fine for violating a 2004 Federal Trade Commission settlement over his advertising and a federal appeals court said the amount might even be too low.
Trudeau has long battled federal regulators over his marketing of "cures" for such conditions as AIDS, hair loss, memory loss, obesity and financial distress.
Reporting by Jonathan Stempel and Terry Baynes in New York (November 2011)
Occasionally there is a little justice.
A few years ago I was in Sam's browsing in their book section. A lady had just picked-up one of Trudeau's books. The conversation with her went something like this:
"Hi. I don't mean to be rude and intrude, but do you know anything about him?" pointing to her book.
"Oh, yes."
"Do you know he's been in jail for fraud?"
"Ah, yes."
"Do you know most of what he writes is not true, that his books are just a scam?"
"Well, in one of his books I learned that a little vinegar helps with an upset stomach."
Well, folks, I guess that's just the way it is. And, yes, I guess it's true that there are a lot of suckers out there just waiting for the Trudeaus of the world to steal from them.

I Saved $.20 Per Gallon on my Gas Purchase! A Plug for Kroger...

My brother and I shop at a Kroger grocery store, just down the street. He's been telling me for a couple of years that he's been getting ten cents off a gallon at a Shell station. I always figured that buying at Sam's or Wawa (what a name) would be about the same.
Things have changed... Yep, Kroger has their own gas station now and their prices are about the same as the Wawa a block away.
Anyway, I filled up today at Kroger. Scanned my key chain-size Kroger card and got $ .20 off a gallon.
Hey, it doesn't take much.
Off course, the price had just rocketed up to $3.099 from $2.959 a few days ago. Oh, well...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Come to Virginia, We'll Let You Kill Your Kid!

Yes, it seems as though the Commonwealth of Virginia will let you let your kid die if you're religious. Yep, talking about no separation of church and state.
This is part of Code of Virginia 63.2-100
“However, no child who in good faith is under treatment solely by spiritual means through prayer in accordance with the tenets and practices of a recognized church or religious denomination shall for that reason alone be considered to be an abused or neglected child.”
All states have provisions to protect children from abuse and neglect. Gosh, Virginia, you have really failed. This is almost 2012 and you have something like this on the books. What does it actually mean?
I'm planning on calling Child Protective Services and the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office over the next couple of weeks and, see if they'll provide any information as to how this works in real life, so to speak.
Yes, folks, I know I have no legal training and shouldn't be so bold as to try to interpret what this means; however, to the guy on the street, yep, that’s me, this really doesn't look good if you're trying to protect children from dying when they don't have to.
It would seem, yes, my interpretation of this code, that if the child is in a household that is clean, has food, and so on, that if the child has a life-threatening disease, and the family, or those responsible for the child’s welfare, just want to pray and not seek medical help, then that is OK.
As an aside, what the hell does, “a recognized church or religious denomination mean?” Recognized by whom? Man oh man, is there any hope for us?

Another Home Allowed to Burn

For the second time this year, in Obion County Tennessee, the fire department stood by and watched a home burn to the ground. Why? Well, the folks who lived in the homes hadn't paid the annual $75 fee.
The residents of the county are required to pay the fee so that the South Fulton Fire Department is compensated for providing the service.
The following is from Yahoo news.
South Fulton Mayor David Crocker defended the fire department, saying that if firefighters responded to non-subscribers, no one would have an incentive to pay the fee. Residents in the city of South Fulton receive the service automatically, but it is not extended to those living in the greater county-wide area.
"There's no way to go to every fire and keep up the manpower, the equipment, and just the funding for the fire department," Crocker said.

Crocker, went on to say that the firefighters would have acted if anyone was in danger. I'm not sure what his definition of danger is. The article also reported, “However, Bell and her husband were forced to walk into the burning home in an attempt to retrieve their own belongings.”
It would seem that the other absurdity is that the fire department responded, in both instances, and stood by. What would the additional cost be to spray water?
Regardless how you look at this and argue it, it's just not right for this to happen. Period. There can be no excuse for this, or any reasonable or logical argument to allow a citizen's home to burn to the ground.
I guess I could make the comment, fairly or not, that we, the United States, crossed oceans and are spending billions of dollars to invade a sovereign country, blowing things up, bombing, and yes, setting things on fire; all done on the premise of there being
weapons of mass destruction, which of course there weren't.
Spending billions in a foreign country to set things on fire because of a lie and, not putting out a fire here in our country because of $75.

I'm Psychic...No You Aren't!

Since I was just a little kid, I've been fascinated by magic. Yep, always had a few tricks and several times I made a concerted effort to learn magic, in fact took a few lessons. Twenty years or so ago I tried learning closeup magic with coins. My latest foray into magic was a few years ago as I attempted to learn card magic. Bought eight or ten DVDs and a bunch of cards. And, for a while practiced somewhat regularly. Any, let me get on with my story.

I said to her, “I'm psychic.”
“No, you aren't.”
“OK, I'll show you.” I shuffled the cards. Fanned them, and thumbed through them, and said, “Tell me when to stop.”
“Stop.” I showed her the card without me being able to see it.
I gave her the cards and she shuffled them.
“OK, now I want you to think of your card. And, I'm going to try to get your thoughts...yes, psychically, I'm going to tune in to you and I'll know what your card is.”
“OK, I know what it is. It's the ten of hearts. Am I right?”
“Yes, but that was a trick.”
“Are you doubting my psychic abilities?”
“You aren’t a psychic.”
“How do you know?” I said.
“Because you aren't.”
“How do you know a so-called psychic is a psychic?”
“Because they say they are.”
There is a point I'm trying to make with this story, which by the way, yes, this actually happened just as I wrote it.
My point. When someone who says they are a magician puts on a show for us, we often times try to figure how the
trick is done; how the magic works. I guess that's pretty normal and of course there's nothing wrong with that.
However, when someone states they are a psychic, the believers never question what they are doing and how they are doing it. That's what keeps them as believers. Well, I guess that's true in lots of things.
The same could be said about religion, so-called alternative medicine, astrology...yep, all of that stuff. If there is a truth here, I'm guessing that they, the believers, just want to keep their delusions going, they want no one to rock their believer’s boat.
There's something else going on here also, which is confirmation bias, which I hope to cover over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The U.S. Navy said Iran's threat to block the strategically and economically important Strait of Hormuz is unacceptable. (From CNN, today.) (BTW, gas is $3.09 up from $2.95 a couple of days ago. Terrific. Virginia Beach)

Yes, we're rattling sabers again. I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. Thought it'd be a good time to post it.

Diplomacy Without Rattling Sabers?

I don't get it, well, maybe I do. When there is a crisis brewing the president always seems to somewhat toss out threats.
The problem, of course, that it ends up being like two little boys arguing in a school yard. Someone is going to lose face or there is going to be a fight. Yes, if alone, without the other kids watching, the situation could may have well been solved without violence. Think the same holds true for our leaders.
Wasn't Bush with the Bring it On, yeah, as he's curled up comfortably in the White House, it was easy for him to say. Yes, he of the shock and awe. He shamed us all.
Now, we have what seems to be a problem brewing with Iran. Many seem to be saying that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is trying to build the good old weapons of mass destruction.
I guess you could pose the question, Hey the US, North Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Russia, and others have nuclear weapons. Do we really have the right to tell Iran they can't have them?
Anyway, let's say that we decide they shouldn't, what should we do?
Yes, I know, I think that it's a little too late for me to be president; however, if I was here's what I hope I would do.
I'd put through a call to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
“Hi, this is George, President of the United States. We have a problem and I'm looking for a mutually acceptable answer to it.”
“Now, I can appreciate your position. You need to yell and scream and make threats about everything so you can save face. I understand that and I have no problem with that. This isn't about whose wiener's the biggest, this is about making sure no citizens get killed over this; yours and mine.
“So, here's what I suggest. You announce to your people that your country is no longer going to spend money on trying to develop nuclear weapons. You tell them that Mohammad or whoever talked to you, after you prayed of course, and said that your country should set an example for following the ways of the peaceful religion. OK?”
“Sound good so far?”
“OK, next you take apart the plants that were working on nuclear weapons. Either dismantle them or immediately convert them to be used for peaceful means and not making weapons.”
“Still with me?”
“No one will ever know about this conversation if you comply. If you don't, everyone will know that you had the chance to save your citizens and you didn't.”
“And, if I don't?”
“This is your first and last chance. Now, I've tried to be nice here. I'm looking out for your citizens and mine. I want no more unnecessary deaths. And, if you don't?
“Well, real simply Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, I'm going to fuck you up. Period. I think you can understand that language. I'm not going to bomb you. I'm not going to lob in 1000s of Cruise missiles.”
“What I am going to do is send the dogs of war after you. They will not stop until they have your fucking head on a pole. We will kill you, your family, we'll even kill your fucking dog, and hey, I like dogs. We will be unrelenting, we'll be worse than anything you can imagine. We will immediately start monitoring your every move and we'll know where you are 24/7 and when the time is right, we'll strike and, let me say again, we will fuck you up. You, your family and even your grand babies and all, every pet, everyone who you like and everyone who means anything to you and after you watch and know they are all dead, then we will kill you.”
“Now, I offered a sort of olive branch to you and though I could be wrong, it would seem that you would rather act like an uncaring asshole, someone who would sacrifice his people for your inflated ego, your narcissism. Well, my last statement. I will not call or offer again. You have two days to make a public announcement. The same day we want to see activity at your nuclear facilities to convince us they are being converted for peaceful uses. Two days. And, then we are coming after you and yours. There will be no further deals, no further talks, no further discussions.”
“If you think that Mohammad can fuck you up, wait till the SEALs get you. Have a good day, sir.”

Colonel Sherman Potter, MD, Died

And, so did Harry Morgan at age 96.
Many of you younger folks I am sure have never watched M*A*S*H and possibly have never heard of it. And, if you have never seen the show you have missed out.
MASH was set during the Korean War. Not only was it entertaining in the ha ha way, there were also many serious issues that came up during the program including the absurdities of the military at times and, of course the horrors of war. The other amazing thing was the overall quality of the acting and writing. These were people who you almost felt you knew.
Mr. Morgan gave many of us many hours of TV viewing pleasure, in a way that seems to be gone. Though I gave up TV five or six years ago, the current fare that is supposed to pass for comedy holds a far distant place to a quality program like MASH and, the quality acting from Mr. Morgan and the rest of the cast.
Thank you, Mr. Morgan.

December 2011

Sorry, Mom!

Wow, my first night of blogging and dang there are a lot of F-words. Man oh man, if my mom were still with us she'd be rushing to the soap dish. Yep, at a minimum she'd washout my mouth with soap.  My mom was fond of saying that cussing and profanity was the currency of a bankrupt vocabulary.
Mom, if I believed in heaven and thought you were looking down on me I'd surely apologize. Well, I'll apologize anyway. Sorry, Mom.
I did have a few too many last night, which I'm sure had something to do with my finger coveting the F key. Think my mom was right. Yep, I guess my vocabulary is bankrupt.
I guess sometimes you just get so ticked off, that out of frustration you just want to get people's attention.
Oh, well.........

257 Bears Killed First Day of Hunt in New Jersey

When I got up today, December 6, 2011, this was a headline on MSNBC and elsewhere, that greeted me. Reading the articles, it seems that Division of Fish and Wildlife in New Jersey decided a hunt was the only way the bear population could be dealt with.
On the other side, the citizens, who protested and are members of http://www.savenjbears.com/home.html say otherwise. They claim the state is using junk science and manipulating the information.
Yes, I have an interest in what the protesters are saying and it does seem that there could be ways other than shooting them that would accomplish their objectives. However, the purpose of this essay is to look at another aspect of
the trophy hunt.
Most of us are snapshot takers. Yep, we fire away on vacations, record birthdays, Christmas, take snaps of our boats, cars, participation in our hobbies, sports...well, I think all will agree, that we take snaps because we are proud of something and the snaps allow us in a visual way, to somewhat relive the event that has been captured by the snap.
This is part that I guess I understand on some level but that is a little puzzling and well a little disturbing, if I may use that word.....
I'd be willing to bet you that every hunter involved in the bear hunt that killed a bear has a snap, rifle in hand, or propped-up and seen in the snap posed next to the dead bear.
Hey, I bet most of the snaps will be enlarged and framed and will hold a prominent place in a den, living room, and no telling where else. Though I have no idea what happens to the carcasses of the bears, I would guess that if allowed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife, that at least some will end up as bear heads mounted, and proudly displayed and hung from a wall.
No, I'm not arguing against or for hunting as I surely do not have enough information to make any sort of an opinion. Of course, some times I will express an opinion with little information and no research.
OK, in order to be proud of killing the bear what would my thought process be? Hey, you know those bears, they are strong and can be brutal and have killed people and on and on.
Of course, someone other than the bear shooting person might say, Well, let's see what you are proud of. You went out in the woods with a most likely giant rifle and killed a bear that had absolutely no way to defend itself. If you guys are so macho and so much a real man, hey, challenge the bear to a fight. Yeah, duke it out with the bear. Here, even if you won, what does it say?
You folks remember the first Planet of the Apes movie? The one with Charleton Heston? Yes, the apes did the same thing as the bear hunters. Yes, the apes posed with the humans who they had killed.
No, I'm surely not comparing bear hunters to apes. Hmmm. But, maybe I should.

What the Heck is Going On?

OK. Yes, I know I should take it easy. I've had a heart attack and a few years later, bypass surgery. And, yes, I know, I'm supposed to take it easy. You know, not get all upset. Stay calm and so on... Well, a few weeks ago I was in a place of business, waiting for the bill and so on.
I had sort of been joking around with the person helping me...waiting on me. Yes, the computer was grinding away.
Anyway, the person helping me admitted that psychics are real. Yep, there are people out there who are psychics.
Dang. I'm about to have a hissy fit (this may well be an old Southern saying...).
Then in comes a lady lieutenant. Yes, a lieutenant in the United States Navy. And, though I shouldn't have, I said, Hey, do you think there are such things as angels (continuing on from the lady who was helping me)? Dang, yes she said, yes. This lady who has at least a four year degree, and is an officer in the United States Navy. Yes, someone who has been promoted to lieutenant believes in angels.
Fuck me, is there any chance for us survive in this environment?
Yes, fucking angels.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chiropractors: Since 1895 Riding on the Coat Tails of a Grocer

I think if I was a banker or represented an insurance company, it'd be great to be able to say, Hey, we've been in business since 1895. We've weathered, if you will, many wars, collapses of the economy, depressions, recessions, and we're still here doing business and providing services. We've kept our promises and have always done what we'd say we'd do.
Yes, it was old DD Palmer who dreamed-up or invented so-called chiropractic in 1895. He talked of vertebral subluxations and vital energy and innate intelligence. Yes, the vitalism and innate intelligence is some kind of energy stuff that is flowing around us. I think he decided that just about every malady, illness, and disease that we could have could be fixed or cured with adjusting the spine to get rid of the vertebral subluxations.
One of DD's claimed early successes, was curing a man's deafness by adjusting his back. As I best understand it there are no nerves in the spine that have anything to do with hearing. But, I guess for DD that would have been a minor concern.
In the years since DD started up the...well, nothing has changed about the vertebral subluxation other than its never been proven to exist.
Now, let's say you're new in town are are trying to find a doctor. You go to his or her office and notice a lack of the diagnostic equipment that all doctors' offices have. Yes, there are no EEG, x-ray, blood pressure. Well, almost nothing.
You then find that the doctor is using all of the medical science that was available in 1895. Yes, his entire medical education, if you will, his training, is based on what was known in 1895.
For the old modern-day chiropractors, it gets better.
The General Chiropractic Council in the UK issued a statement, May 2010, that said in part.
“The chiropractic vertebral subluxation complex is an historical concept but it remains a theoretical model. (Here's the good part.) It is not supported by any clinical research evidence that would allow claims to be made that it is the cause of disease or health concerns.”
Hey folks, you guys have been getting hosed and your pocket books and wallets raided, for over a hundred years.
The next time you visit your wonderful, caring, real-doctor acting, white-coated chiropractor, to get your back cracked to get rid of vertebral subluxations that don't exist, and never did, you might want to mention this.

Cure Cancer: Yep, Kit's Only Forty Bucks

I often say there's no end to it all when you start looking at so-called alternative medicine. Well, here's another one.
Tong Ren Therapy was dreamed up or invented by a fellow named Tom Tan. Yes, of course to add to the the legitimacy of it all, this gentleman is a licensed acupuncturist, so you surely know you can have faith in him.
Now, what do you get for the forty bucks? You get a magnetic hammer and a plastic acupuncture doll. Yep, the doll has the acupuncture points. And, yes, the hammer is magnetic.
OK, ready, here goes as I best understand it. Nope, I ain't gonna go in to the theory of it all....though sure it has to do with meridians and such. But, here's the good part..or truly sad part, whichever way you look at it. Yep, you bang on the doll with the magnetic hammer and that cures the cancer.
Yes, this sure seems like an alternative to going to real doctors who would most likely treat you with real chemotherapy.
Don't want to waste anymore time on this one. Want more information, do a search, it's all there.
As an afterthought, I wonder if you'd get the same results with a claw hammer and one of your children's old baby dolls?
Nah, get a grip George, that ain't magic enough. And, the claw hammer ain't magnetic.

If the Old Pope Can't do it, Who Can?

You people are pathetic. A few days ago, yes, your pope, was praying. Yep, for world peace and all the rest. Yes, propped-up in a god-awful tacky costume. Yep, big hat and everything...all gold encrusted. Yes, praying for world peace and all of the rest.
Of course, while he's praying the so-called radical Muslims are bombing the shit out of his churches.
Hey, for you Catholics out there, if the pope can't pray and get some results, shouldn't you guys just throw in the towel. Wake up folks!

Only in America... The Republican Debates

Have you folks been watching the republican debates? I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about us. Yes, many countries have strange political systems but, wow, have we hit a home run in the theater of the absurd. What am I speaking of? Yes, the republicans, well, I was going to say contenders buy I think I'd be stretching it a bit. Ain't none of these folks going to pose a threat to unseat President Obama. In fact, I think you could reasonably ask if they are being paid by the democrats to put on their show. Or, hey, maybe it's all funded by Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan, Jon Stewart, and the rest of the comedians... Talk about fodder the the late-night shows.
Let's see.
Newt (I have a Brinks' truck to haul around my wife's jewellery, and yes, I might be looking around for an even younger wife and 84 ethics charges were filed while Speaker of the House and fined $300,000 and set a high bar as some folks say by being the first Speaker of the House to be reprimanded for ethics violations) Gingrich. Herman (9-9-9, yes, I'm a Baptist preacher and God told me to run, we better watch out for China as they are trying to develop atomic bombs, Yes Honey, been meaning to mention to you that for the past 13 years I've been poking a babe and giving her money) Cain. Rick (hey, I'm Catholic with seven kids and proud of it, and I'm responsible for all the legislation that's been passed in the last 100 years) Santorum. Rick (I'm embarrassing myself and don't know it and Romney is hiring illegals and dang we need to pray more) Perry. Michele (no those aren't my eye lashes and yes my husband prays away the gay in his counselling business) Bachmann. Mitt (yes, I've been a successful business man and wear weird underwear) Romney. John (I speak Chinese and also wear weird underwear) Huntsman. Congressman Ron Paul, an interesting fellow who has some interesting ideas and tells it like he sees it and, no he will not be running against President Obama.
Just when you think it couldn't get better...it will. Yes, Donald Trump is going to be the
moderator at a debate scheduled for December 27, 2011. Yes, that's what being reported in the press.
Also, reported that Governor Huntsman said, Fuck you, I'm not going to participate (or, something like that). Kudos Governor.
Now, how could this get any better? Ah, two ways.
Have good old Sarah jump back in the fray and show-up...or, everyone tell Trump to fuck off except for Governor Perry. Ahh.....so many possibilities. So much potential.
December 3, 2011
Ah, it's gotten better. The above I wrote this morning and now, yes, there's a little more to report.
Well, Herman Cain had his press conference. Wow, was it interesting. I didn't take notes, but as I best remember, here's how it went.
Cain, wasn't in attendance when it started. I think the first speaker was an aide or someone who is part of his campaign. Yep, glowing reports about old Herman.
Up next I think was an army colonel who has a bronze star...he spoke of Herman's friendship and he reiterated that Herman is most likely the greatest guy ever.
Next, a female related to MLK, Jr. Yep, a minster. After she poured it on, praising Cain, she then had a...prayer (wow, surprised at that one).
Then, there was some kind of rock music or something, and lo and behold, the old Herman Cain for President bus pulled up (added a little drama, hey?) and out came Cain, his wife, and about 7,000 gigantic body guards.
Ahh, Herman gets on the stage and talks about having made peace...no that maybe wasn't the word...but intimating that everything is fine with his relationship with his wife, family, and yes, good old God.
He then went on and on about America and so on.... Then, announced he's suspending his run for president and going to plan B. Yeah, I know, sort of a let down.
Plan B is that he's going to make changes from outside the government, blah, blah, blah.
Hmmm. Now, if everything is so great with your wife, family, and God...why have you quit? Now, obviously I have no idea whether Cain did what he's accused of doing. I have no idea if Cain did poke the babe for thirteen years and yes, I know that because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean there's causation...but, folks, he was raring to go after the office of president until Ms. Ginger came along.
Well, a couple of comments. One, Cain mentioned that only in America could someone from his humble beginnings end up running for president. I think that he mentioned his mom worked as a maid and his dad also had a somewhat similar job. Of course, he made no mention of the fact that he's most likely worth many millions of dollars. Of course, it also allowed someone to run for president, who in theory at least, would have their hand on the Red Phone and didn't know that China has nuclear weapons.
Maybe there should be an SAT-type test that all candidates must pass before being allowed to run. You know, some basics. Know that China has weapons and being able to point out on a map where Iraq and Iran are.
And, then during the campaign we could have a Supreme Court type of group of journalists and historians, you know, the witty folks with knowledge; Chris Matthews and other like him. Yes, they would monitor everything and the first time someone made a statement such as Watch out for China they're try to develop weapons, well, that person would be outta there.
Almost forgot, yes read in the press that Representative Paul told Trump to pound sand. Also it seems, that everyone running (except Santorum, Paul, Huntsman) have met with Trump at least once (Gingrich is meeting with him next week). Hey, maybe they go in and kiss his ring or something. Wow, yes, folks, all of this would be hard to make-up.

Randy, Still Thumping the Bible...

November 2007

Our local paper (Virginian-Pilot On Line) had an article a couple of days ago about a prayer caucus. The photo had US Representative J. Randy Forbes and several others, standing outside with their heads bowed...yes, in prayer.
OK. I know, maybe I shouldn’t make fun of or question peoples' religious beliefs. But, dang! Enough's enough!

Randy believes that prayer is what changes things and our country needs to be on our knees in prayer,” said the Rev. Allan Campbell, the church’s music minister.
Let's see, Randy believes prayer changes things. OK, Randy, please. One example, just one, that prayer changed anything. Robert A. made a comment to the paper, which said in part….."God will honor this and answer our prayers. He is always faithful to respond when we seek Him. I will be spending more time in prayer for our country, its leaders and our troops."

My comment to the paper.
“OK. If you actually want to pray for something worthwhile, I want you to pray that all of our young men and women, who have had limbs blown off in Iraq, will have God put them back on. That should be a piece of cake for someone who is all powerful. Show me one limb reattached and I'll join you folks. Otherwise, I will remain a Pastafarian….”
Kind of angry bitter words. Yes, they were. BTW, a Pastafarian is an adherent to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 
An update... 
Summer 2011, yes, Old Randy is at it again. When our country is starring out into the abyss...what does Old Randy do? Yes, he proposes a bill that will allow In God We Trust to be the national mantra or some such thing. Nice, Randy. Nice, and yes, I'm sure you're standing tall and proud about this one, and yes the good old Christians are looking up to you and cheering you on with their glazed-over fix-starred eyes...

Dr. Oz Was in an Auto Accident

Paramedics arrived, he was in pain with several broken bones.
“You’re Dr. OZ, aren’t you?”
Moaning, “Yes. Help me.”
“Your wife is a Reiki Master.”
“Yes, please get me out of here. I’m bleeding.”
“Hmm. Couldn’t she send that Reiki energy?”
“Please, I need help.”
“I’ll take you to the homeopathic ER you just opened.”

Why Do You Question God’s Miracles, Power?

What do you mean?”
“Well, you’re always making fun of him. Questioning his miracles, saying he’s not all powerful.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“How about parting the seas? Resurrecting his son? Burning bushes? Seven fish into seven million? Water into wine? Healing sick people?”
“David Copperfield, can top that stuff any day of the week?”

What Goes Around Comes Around

Believe that?”
“Yes. Universal Law.”
“How do you know?”
“Look around. You see it happen every day. If you’re nice to someone you will be rewarded.”
“A year ago I stopped to help a stranded motorist.”
“What happened? “
“He stabbed me and took my car.”
“Oh. You must have bad karma. “

Wow, isn't that pope just a great guy?

Excellency, how was your trip?”
“Nice seeing all of my followers, good Catholics.”
“Sure you know there are reports about the country being devastated by AIDS.”
“Yes, sadly I saw that. Of course, I offered prayers.”
“Goes against everything the Church believes.”
“Many will die.”
“Yes, but they’ll enter heaven with a pure soul.”