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For some reason, religion is generally treated in a special way. Yes, for some reason, folks think that no one should make fun of religion or say anything negative about religion. I see no logic to this. We can say what we want about your favorite football team, the person who you voted for, and so on, but we're supposed to hold our tongue about your faith. Folks, that just doesn't make any sense. Anyway, I felt I would at least warn you. If you are a religious person I would encourage you to read my posts; with an open mind, please. If I say things that aren't true about your religion, please let me know. Leave a comment or send me an email. Would most likely be willing to discuss it with you. Hey, I'm up for learning something new.

Also, keep in mind, that if you are a Christian, my understanding is that you're saying that your god is the only god. Now, if that's true, which I understand it to be, then that of course is a direct insult to every other religion out there. You've said their god isn't the real deal; I'd call that an insult...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cure Cancer: Yep, Kit's Only Forty Bucks

I often say there's no end to it all when you start looking at so-called alternative medicine. Well, here's another one.
Tong Ren Therapy was dreamed up or invented by a fellow named Tom Tan. Yes, of course to add to the the legitimacy of it all, this gentleman is a licensed acupuncturist, so you surely know you can have faith in him.
Now, what do you get for the forty bucks? You get a magnetic hammer and a plastic acupuncture doll. Yep, the doll has the acupuncture points. And, yes, the hammer is magnetic.
OK, ready, here goes as I best understand it. Nope, I ain't gonna go in to the theory of it all....though sure it has to do with meridians and such. But, here's the good part..or truly sad part, whichever way you look at it. Yep, you bang on the doll with the magnetic hammer and that cures the cancer.
Yes, this sure seems like an alternative to going to real doctors who would most likely treat you with real chemotherapy.
Don't want to waste anymore time on this one. Want more information, do a search, it's all there.
As an afterthought, I wonder if you'd get the same results with a claw hammer and one of your children's old baby dolls?
Nah, get a grip George, that ain't magic enough. And, the claw hammer ain't magnetic.

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